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Maastricht be prepared, there is a new hotspot in town named ‘Noon Maastricht‘. This trendy restaurant celebrated their opening weekend from September 5th until September 9th. I was kindly invited to try out their menu during their opening weekend, time to put it to a test in another review for ‘Maastricht Guide’.

NOON is located at the river bank right underneath Maastricht Complex. According to Noon their website the restaurant is ‘a proper hide-out by the water, with a beautiful view of the city and the old Sint Servaas bridge, where young creatives meet up’. During the weekends (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays) the restaurant is open until 05.00 in the morning. You can come by for a lovely dinner and enjoy some soul/lounge/disco sets until the early hours.

When entering the restaurant you can tell that they have spent a lot of time carefully curating the interior and styling. The large windows on the left make for a beautiful ambience during sunset. The golden light fills up the room and gives you a perfect view over the city.


The evening started out with some lovely welcome drinks. We were welcomed by the hostess of the restaurant and received more information about the concept of the restaurant. NOON focuses on shared dining and quality food, yet still for a reasonable price. Maastricht has a lot of international students so even if you’re a student on a budget, you can still have a good bite here! But also if you’re just fancying a good drink, this is your place to go.

After exploring the restaurant, taking some pictures and enjoying a drink we got the first few dishes. We started off with 3 small dishes: a vegetarian beetroot dish, bulgur salad and regular salad. Then followed another 3 small dishes existing of shrimps, steak-tartar and NOON’s beignet. We then were able to choose between either meat, fish or a vegetarian meal. I went with the fish. It was really good, it’s served with fries and grilled vegetables.


They of course, saved the best for last: dessert. During dinner we were able to order any drink we wanted to, so I went for a classic mojito along with some water. The mojito is super good too, but be warned: it’s very strong. Although I do love a good cocktail every now and then, I am not used to drinking that much alcohol. Once we finished dinner, we were able to chose between two desserts: caramelised pineapple or chocolate ‘moelleux au chocolate’, which is heaven on earth. I went with the chocolate one, obviously.

The food is very tasteful there and I would definitely go back again, even just for a drink. The restaurant has an amazing atmosphere and I can imagine myself sitting by the window, sipping a cocktail and enjoying a slow sunset. Let me know if you go there, I would love to know your opinion on it!


Pictures by Paul Cremers and me

*Disclaimer: my boyfriend and I were offered a complimentary dinner at NOON Maastricht during their opening weekend to try out their menu. I am not being paid to write about them. All opinions expressed in this post are, like always, completely my own

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