About me

Lifestyle blogger & digital creator from Sittard, The Netherlands

Connecting brands and ideas
Well hello there, glad to see my blog caught the interest to actually read something about the person behind it. I am a Dutch digital creator who has been loving photography since the age of 15. After finishing my bachelor in Communication & Multimedia Design I decided to take a gap year to save up money for a road trip through Canada. This meant I had some free time and decided to get back into the swing of blogging (I had done this before in 2010, but didn’t really stick to it).

I started investing more time into creating pictures of products, food and myself and shared them on my Instagram page called ‘sarahwitpeerd’ (original, huh?). Anyway, this little hobby grew a little out of hand and now I am trying to grow this into a real business. 

Creating engaging brand experiences
Through Instagram I got the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing brands such as Kiehl’s, Erlich Textil, Anthropologie, Organic Basics and many more. I think it’s important to tell the story behind a brand and show this through visual content. If there is a good story to tell, people are more likely to engage with the brand and relate to it. I create content that brings up a digital presence. Whether that’s for a cosmetics brand or stationary brand, I always focus on storytelling.. 

Long story short; besides Instagram I also wanted a little platform where I can share more about myself, dive into writing again and see where it’ll bring me. If I’m not busy working on my blog, Instagram or creating content I keep myself busy with my two cats, going out for coffee with friends, hiking through nature or falling asleep at 9AM while binging some classic Netflix tv show.

I hope you enjoy my blog and if there are any questions or you’re a brand wanting to reach out, feel free to send me a message on Instagram or contact me through email!