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  • Hello & happy weekend ☕️
Yesterday was a crazy but oh so exciting day. In the morning I got a VERY exciting business call that might involve some traveling which I will tell you more about soon, then I met up with @byliekevroomen for coffee & creating some content. We then went out for dinner with my sister and her bf and on my way there the lovely @kerstinloves booked her flights to come visit me in October. What a WILD day ✨
What are your plans for the upcoming months? I feel as if everyone is returning from their summer schedules back into working mood ☕️
📸: @byliekevroomen
  • As much as I appreciate a long & mindful breakfast there are days where I don’t find the time to sit myself down for a proper breakfast. I was lucky enough to try out their vegan/plant breakfast drinks and damn they keep you full. Not only are they healthy and full of nutrients, but they also look cute ✨

AND I can give a pack of 6 drinks away to you! Sooo what’s the catch?
• Tell me your morning routine in the comments
• Follow me and • Tag 2 friends who are always running late 🤷🏼‍♀️ _________________________

Give away ends on Monday August 20th at 12pm. Give away is only open for Dutch and Belgian residents.
#paidad #spon 📸 @paulcremers_
  • Sunday’s are for late brunches & coffee dates. Throwing it back to the amazing breakfast we had at the @25hourshotels Cologne The Circle a couple weeks back 👏🏼 Currently having a similar breakfast at home bc sometimes you gotta celebrate life to the fullest ☕️ 📸: @paulcremers_
  • Throwing some flowers at ya to wish you all a beautiful Monday 🌸 Tell me something in the comments you’re looking forward to this week! For me it’s going on a high tea with my sister after not seeing her for a month! 📸 @paulcremers_
  • Goodmorning & happy Sunday ✨

What are your plans today? Even though I’d love to eat a bowl like this again my body doesn’t feel the same way. Instead I am stuck in bed feeling nauseous and sick. I guess it’s a perfect moment to catch up on some Netflix so hit me up with your favorite recommendations 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
  • There are a million things I could write down right now. But my mind is overflowing with ideas and creativity, so much that I can’t make out a decent caption ha. All I can say is: I am grateful for life & everyone in it ✨ 📸: @byliekevroomen | dress gifted by @oddmolly
  • GIVEAWAY - WINACTIE 🥑🌯 Today I am very very excited to announce that you can win free food (!!!) in today’s give-away. After showing you all the amazing meals from 2 weeks ago at @_bijzonder I didn’t want to leave you all hungry and empty handed, so I partnered up with them to give away a €50,- giftcard for you to spend with a friend! 🍹

• follow @sarahwitpeerd and @_bijzonder • tag someone in the comments who you’d love to take with you ♥️
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Giveaway ends on the 8th of August 2019 at at 12 p.m. and is open to everyone as long as you can come to the restaurant. 📸 by @byliekevroomen and me
  • Today marks the day that I am showing you the other side of my face. Last week has been a whirlwind of emotions which I won’t go too deep into. But like everything the storm will pass and the clouds will drift away again. Today I’m going to focus on cleaning the house a little & taking it extra slow on this rainy day. I hope your Sunday treats you well. Special thanks to the amazing @25hourshotels Cologne The Circle for letting us stay here last week in this amazing room 👏🏼 *invite 📸: @paulcremers_
  • Weekends are for cake & coffee ☕️ The next four days will be very relaxing so I can kick ass again after that 👏🏼 I’ll be working on some blogposts this weekend so keep your eyes open for those, but in the mean time make sure to check out my first ‘Maastricht Guide’ blogpost where I talk about this amazing place @preps_maastricht, do you enjoy reading blogs? Let me know 👇🏼
  • Where’s Waldo more like where’s a scissor to get rid of my pricetag showing bc I got too excited and wanted to wear my new dress IMMEDIATELY. If you look real close u can even tell how much discount I got 💯
📸 @paulcremers_


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